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Monday, July 5, 2010

Irregular English Verbs

Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle
ex: to begin ex: I began. ex: I have begun.

"When two choices appear (ex: burned/burnt), the first is the preferred American usage (ex: burned)."

to alight alighted/alit alighted/alit
to arise arose arisen
to awake awoke awoken
to be was (3rd plural: were) been
to bear bore born/borne
to beat beat beaten
to become became become
to behold beheld beheld
to befall befell befallen
to beget begot begotten
to begin began begun
to bend bent bent
to beseech besought besought
to beset beset beset
to bespeak bespoke bespoken
to bet bet bet
to bid (to command)bade/bad bidden
to bid (to offer)bid bid
to bind bound bound
to bite bit bitten
to bleed bled bled
to blow blew blown
to break broke broken
to breed bred bred
to bring brought brought
to broadcast broadcast broadcast
to build built built
to burn burned burnt
to burst burst burst
to buy bought bought
to cast cast cast
to catch caught caught
to choose chose chosen
to cling clung clung
to come came come
to cost cost cost
to creep crept crept
to cut cut cut
to deal dealt dealt
to dig dug dug
to dive dove/dived dived
to do did done
to draw drew drawn
to dream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt
to drink drank drunk
to drive drove driven
to dwell dwelt dwelt
to eat ate eaten
to fall fell fallen
to feed fed fed
to feel felt felt
to fight fought fought
to find found found
to fit fitted/fit fitted/fit
to flee fled fled
to fling flung flung
to fly flew flown
to forbear forbore forborne
to forbid forbade/forbad forbidden
to forecast forecast forecast
to foretell foretold foretold
to forget forgot forgotten
to forgive forgave forgiven
to forgo forwent forgone
to forsake forsook forsaken
to forswear forswore forsworn
to freeze froze frozen
to get got gotten/got
to give gave given
to go went gone
to grind ground ground
to grow grew grown
to hang hung hung
to have had had
to hear heard heard
to heave heaved/hove heaved/hove
to hide hid hidden
to hit hit hit
to hold held held
to hurt hurt hurt
to keep kept kept
to kneel knelt/kneeled knelt/kneeled
to knit knitted/knit knitted/knit
to know knew known
to lay laid laid
to lead led led
to leap leaped/leapt leaped/leapt
to learn learned/learnt learned/learnt
to leave left left
to lend lent lent
to let let let
to lie lay lain
to light lighted/lit lighted/lit
to lose lost lost
to make made made
to mean meant meant
to meet met met
to mislay mislaid mislaid
to mislead misled misled
to mistake mistook mistaken
to misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood
to overeat overate overeaten
to overcome overcame overcome
to overtake overtook overtaken
to overhear overheard overheard
to partake partook partaken
to pay paid paid
to plead pleaded/pled plead/pled
to prove proved proved/proven
to put put put
to quit quit quit
to read read pronounced red read pronounced red
to redo redid redone
to remake remade remade
to rend rent rent
to rid rid rid
to ride rode ridden
to ring rang rung
to rise rose risen
to run ran run
to say said said
to see saw seen
to seek sought sought
to sell sold sold
to send sent sent
to set set set
to sew sewed sewn/sewed
to shake shook shaken
to shear sheared sheared/shorn
to shed shed shed
to shine vt: shined vi: shone
to shoe shod shod
to shoot shot shot
to show showed shown/showed
to shrink shrank shrunk
to shut shut shut
to sing sang sung
to sink sank sunk
to sit sat sat
to slay slew slain
to sleep slept slept
to slide slid slid
to sling slung slung
to slink slunk slunk
to slit slit slit
to smell smelled/smelt smelled/smelt
to smite smote smitten/smote
to sneak sneaked/snuck sneaked/snuck
to sow sowed sown/sowed
to speak spoke spoken
to speed sped/speeded sped/speeded
to spell spelled/spelt spelled/spelt
to spend spent spent
to spill spilled/spilt spilled/spilt

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