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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ja la la cafe

The Ja la la cafe, Tokyo. This is a very popular meeting-place in the capital city of Japan. But it is not just humans who fill the room. There are also animals. A large, white cat lies on one of the tables. A young man has his arm around this beautiful animal. He is smiling for his friend, who is taking a picture of him. Another young man holds a different cat in his arms. He passes his hand again and again over the animal's brown fur - stroking it. Its soft hair is so gentle to his touch! The cat purrs happily. After a while, the young man looks at the clock on the wall. It is time to go. He places the cat gently back onto its special seat. It has cost the young man ten dollars to spend one hour with the cat. But he believes that it was worth the money. And he will return to the Ja la la Cafe as soon as he can.


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