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Friday, July 2, 2010

Suffering from high-tone deafness

to a lonely teenage boy during one short summer. A kindness the boy never forgot. The boy Frankie wanted to adopt …. ANDREW BELL explains that he may not pronounce all his words distinctly. He may have to ask you to repeat some of your own words, too. "I suffer from high-tone deafness," he says. "There are certain sounds I can't pick up. "Had to go to special schools because of it. Couldn't have a normal education. Just so you know while we talk." And so his story unfolds. His father George, a consultant engineer, went out to Kuwait in 1978. Rather than have his son and his wife Anne endure the desert country, he found them a rented villa in Malta. "Across the road was a detached house --; white, marbled, single&rehy;storeyed, with a pool and a 6ft-high wall," Andrew remembers. "It was called The Forum." Frankie Howerd had bought it in the early Seventies. He chose its name from the play A Funny Thing Happened.

Source: The Daily Mirror. London: Mirror Group Newspapers, 1992

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