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Sunday, August 1, 2010



Bob : I thought I’d call and touch base. How are the party plans going ?
Gloria : Well, just between you and me, there’s a problem. It’s Matt.
I think he got wind of the surprise party.
Bob : How ?
Gloria : I don’t know. Somebody who’s in the loop may have let him in on it, I’ll see him later and try to find out. I won’t beat around the bush. I’ll say, ″What are you doing for your birthday ?″ I’ll be in touch as soon as I’ve seen him.

Talking and telling

Touche base (with someone) : To talk to someone briefly. 
Btween you and me : Private
Open up : To talk about things freely and honestly.

Let someone in on something : To tell someone a secret.
Compare notes : To share opinions with someone.

Pick up on something : To continue to talk about something that someone said earlier
in the conversation.
Beat around the bush : To avoid talking about something by talking about other things.
Bend someone’s ear : To talk to someone for a long time.
Get through (to somebody) : To reach someone by phone.


Listening to or trying to get someone to talk

Draw someone out : To try to make someonetalk about his or her feelings.
Lend an ear (to someone) : To listen to someone.


Not talking

Bite your tongue / Hold your tongue : To stop yourself from speaking, usually because it might cause problems if you spoke.
Calm up : To refuse to talk.


Receiving information

Get wind of something : to find out about something that was secret or not known before.
In touch (with someone) : communicating with that person.
In the loop : included in the sharing of information .

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