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Monday, November 1, 2010



I have never wondered why many people, especially non-Muslims, chose to put an end to their lives. It has always been clear to me how and why they chose that horrible unthinkable step. I only wished if they could wait and give themselves minutes to know what they were born to seek and explore. I am sure those few minutes would have changed statistics so considerably.

I have read Birkin, a famous character in ‘Women in Love’ By D.H. Lawrence. I disliked him and yet found him very thought-provoking. He has got such a dark view of humanity and life in general. However, he talks beautifully of death and how it is a purification of the soul from the filth put on it here. He said it is a consummation, the final of all experiences. Death is inhuman. Because to know is human and not know is inhuman. Since because we do not know death, then the latter is inhuman. Birkin hated all social norms and principles he had to abide by in the corrupted community where he had to pretend to have relations and bonds with humans. He asked why he had to claim connection with people. For him nature, vegetation, and a woman are the elements of a clean soft and final world, where the soul is satisfied separate in its conjunction with the other soul (woman). Marriage, the legal connection that brings man and woman together is abhorrent to him. He dreams of two separate souls, clean souls that are two forces balancing each other in a world beyond what we know. It is to live freely and experience something outside the known. Death is sweet and better than his life. Death is a final sweet destination. And since it is an inevitable end, why should we fear it or fear the final step but one?

The interesting about what I have said earlier is the notion of death and how it is darkly-viewed by Birkin who thinks death to be better than a thousand lives ill-lived. I can hardly believe that Lawrence did not share his characters’ opinion. I felt that it was Lawrence who talked through Birkin and that the latter’s views are no different from Lawrence’s.

I confidently admit that so many people, nowadays, and throughout history, believed in Lawrence’s opinion. Those who held those ideas and mystery about life non-existence and saw death as the eternal form of real unabased unquestioned free existence are the ones that preferred to move their lives to a complete darkness and chose a meaningless end to it. In fact, it is not meaningless as long as it makes meaning to many others who learn from their ancestors’ experience.

If fact, suicide should be thought over and over. The reasons are many, the victims are different, but the end is one: DEATH. The truth is one like death: there is nothing that can drive us beyond our limits and intellect in a moment of craziness and uncontrollable flow. Humans should be more conscious of their being better than animals. Even animals do not kill themselves for no or with reason. I hoped people would be animal-like when it comes to suicide. I hoped that humanity would stop for a while and question itself. Questions too lazy to ask. I can’t blame them. After all, we are all humans.

Writing by : Essentiel
Essentiel thanks indeed 

Best words:
  1. to (19)
  2. is (18)
  3. it (13)
  4. of (10)
  5. in (9)
  6. death (9)
  7. he (8)
  8. birkin (4)
  9. we (4)
  10. final (4)
  11. people (4)
  12. be (4)
  13. end (4)
  14. suicide (3)
  15. as (3)
  16. chose (3)
  17. by (3)
  18. humans (3)
  19. lives (3)
  20. lawrence (3)
  21. inhuman (3)
  22. life (3)
  23. soul (3)
  24. do (2)
  25. clean (2)
  26. lawrence’s (2)
  27. separate (2)
  28. souls (2)
  29. world (2)
  30. fact (2)
  31. humanity (2)
  32. other (2)
  33. meaningless (2)
  34. if (2)
  35. an (2)
  36. different (2)
  37. fear (2)
  38. step (2)
  39. connection (2)
  40. opinion (2)
  41. or (2)
  42. minutes (2)
  43. hoped (2)
  44. put (2)
  45. so (2)
  46. no (2)
  47. experience (2)
  48. woman (2)
  49. sweet (2)
  50. animals (2)

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