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Monday, December 20, 2010

You Saved My Life

A very Beautiful woman was walking on the roof
of a building and she fell down.
On her way falling down, an American man catches her
She says: 'Oh thank you, you saved my life;
I'll do ANYTHING for you...
The man says: 'Okay then, kiss me.'
She says: 'You PIG!! NEVER!!'
So he says:'FINE!' and he drops her down....
So she's falling and screaming... Suddenly a German man
catches her in the air from his balcony
She says:'Oh thank you, you saved me;
I'll do anything that you ask...'
The guy says: 'Fraulein, kiss me.'
She replies: 'Oh you nasty pig!!! NEVER!'
So the man says: 'Fine!!!' and he also drops her down again.
She's falling and thinking that it was better if she kissed
one of those men and now she's going to die.
Suddenly, a man catches the woman from his balcony,
She says: 'Oh thank you, you saved my life, I'll kiss you!!'
The man replies: 'Astaghfer Allah' and he drops her!!!!!!!!*

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kashyap said...

How funny !!!!

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