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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Excellent Free English audiobooks at Librivox

 Free English audiobooks at Librivox

The free audiobooks with texts at Librivox can really help you learn English fast!
Librivox uses a variety of male and female voices to read the texts. Their website is a real treasure chest of quality English language learning material!

All texts are legally free of copyright restrictions and have no DRM (digital rights management locks) on the eBooks or the mp3 files.

They already offer over 1,500 free English classic books, essays, letters and short stories. Everything are nicely organized by writer, category and speaker. It’s free and there is no registration required. You can easily preview the sound files and texts before downloading them. Finally, everything they offer has both an audiobook and a matching text. First class work!
Libri vox .com or Librivox?

Note ; the name of the website is librivox.com.

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