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Saturday, January 7, 2012

consonant letters

A. The Alphabet is composed of vowel letters and consonant letters. The vowels are a, e, i, o, and u, and
sometimes y. (The letters r, l, and w frequently affect how vowels are sounded: The a is sounded
differently in car, call, or caw as compared with cat.) The consonants are easier; let’s deal with them
first. s is a letter; /s/ is a sound.

b: bat

c: cat (c =/k/)
cent (before e, i,
or y, c = /s/)

d: dog

f: fat

g: gun (g = /g/)
gem (before e, i,
or y, g - /j/)

j: jet

k: kit

l: log

m: mat

n: nap

p: pan

q(u): quit (qu = /kw/)
mystique (qu = /k/)

r: run

s: sat (s = /s/)

t: tag

v: vat

w: win

x: box (x = /ks/)
xylophone (x = /z/)

y: yes

z: zebra

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