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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Digraph: Two letters together representing one sound:
Consonants: ch (chin/ache/chivalry), sh (ship), th (they/thin), ck (sack), kn (know),
gh (ghost), ph (phone), pn (pneumonia), ps (psychic), rh (rhinoceros), sc (science),
gn (gnat/ sign), wr (write), ng (sing), wh = /hw/ (!) (whale). Note: The /k/ sound is spelled ck
after short vowels, example: tack versus take.”

Vowels: ea (meat/bread/great) (See Hanna list for more complete listings.)

Mixed: ci (facial), si (session), ti (nation), ce (ocean); These make the /sh/ sound in syllables
after the first. (See Rule 9.) qu = /k/ in mystique and technique.

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